Chapter I: Why you should invest in public procurement

7 good reasons to bid on public procurements

Every year, over 250 000 public authorities in the EU spend about 14% of GDP (around €2 trillion per year) on the purchase of services, works and supplies.[1]


In 2020, 267.136 contract award notices[2] whose amount exceeds the threshold for their compulsory publicity were published. It also means that there is at least the same amount of contracts awarded under the public publicity thresholds.[3]


These figures speak for themselves to make you aware of the enormous potential offered by public procurements in Europe. Tendering entities have some very tangible reasons for positioning themselves in these markets. 



1. Continuity in turnover

A large part of the contracts are framework contracts that can vary from 2 to 5 years. During this period, you are almost guaranteed an annual turnover. 

2. Continuity in pricing

A price list submitted in a winning bid will never be rediscussed. It's up to you to build your prices properly.

3. Guaranteed payment

You have the assurance that your client will not go bankrupt and will pay (if you respect the terms of the contract, of course!). 

4. EU procurement: bridgehead to the world largest economy

The European internal market encompasses 27 countries, an organic and directly profitable way to develop your international positioning. 


5. Turning compliance into a company asset

Contracting Authorities will expect bidders to acquire certifications and establish high-level presentation documents. These documents will become some of your major assets.

6. Establish Partnerships

Many calls for tenders require the combined skills of several entities. It is also a natural and directly profitable way of establishing structural or ad hoc partnerships. 

7. Seal of excellence

Institutional references are reassuring for your other clients.  



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