Winning public business opportunities: the White Paper Series.

Winning public business opportunities: the White Paper Series

Drafted by and our partners from Tender Services, of a team of professionals with 10.000+ hours of experience and know-how on winning public contracts.


Every two weeks, we will address a new topic by e-mail, a detailed analysis in public procurement.

Our Objective:

We aim at demystifying the complexity of public procurements to encourage companies of all sizes and types to offer their services to institutions. 

Our professional and user-friendly monitoring tool, covers European, North American, and Canadian public procurements.


White Paper; your guide to success!

There are three prerequisites to respond effectively to public procurements:

1.  Understand the European and national dynamics

2.  Find the right calls for tenders

3.  Present a winning offer. 


Our tool to access and analyse the latest Contract Notices and Calls for Tender published by European institutions and bodies.


Here is a glimpse of what you can expect:

1.   Why are public procurements so appealing?

2.   How to access public procurements

3.   Which European institutions publish procurement notices?

4.   Are public procurements exclusive?

5.   Market thresholds

6.   The must-know market classification:

6.1. Contracting Authorities

6.2. Procedures

6.3. Contract Notices published

6.4. Contracts

6.5. CPV codes

6.6. NUTS codes

7.   How access the calls for tender documents

8.   How to prepare and respond to Calls for Tenders

8.1. Retrieving the pertinent information from the Contract Notices

8.2. Retrieving the relevant information from the Tender Specifications

8.3. Tender templates

8.4. How to tailor your offer

8.5. What to set up before getting started

9.   How are the contracts awarded?

10.What to do if you fail to win in terms of mediation, review, or appeal



European Recovery Plan 2021 and its advantages

During major economic crises, European institutions take over the economic role by injecting substantial sums into the economy. To mitigate the economic and social impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and boost its economy, Europe is granting to its Member States a €750 billion temporary recovery plan called NextGenerationEU. This sum is invested in local economies through grants and tenders. Tender Services can guide you in this search.


Tender Services partners up with monitoring tool

  • You are in charge of public procurements within your company (service provider, works, or supplies).
  • You make the decisions that shape the future of your business.
  • You look for public procurements for the security they offer and to ensure the sustainability of your income.


In this case, Tender Services and its strategic partner will meet your needs. With our tender search-engine, you will expand your hunting ground to European and North American public procurements.

It is up to you.


Our tailor-made services

Strategic monitoring; Profiling your company; Tailor-made coaching; Creation of consortia; Writing offers; Intelligence services.


Our discovery package

1.   Complete, efficient, and ergonomic Tender-it monitoring service for €500/year (regular price: €50/month or €600/year).

2.   Free coaching session by one of our experts to set up your profile on the monitoring platform.


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