Chapter II: How to access the public procurement arena?

Know your game, stay informed and take care of your tools!

Start by keeping up to date with public procurement contracts published in your field; this is fundamental. That is where your base material is going to be: contract notices. We recommend using the platform. A public procurement monitoring platform resulting from our collaboration with a Dutch team that has obtained European funding to develop this user-friendly tool. How so? On a daily basis, you will receive contract notices in a useful form corresponding to the profile(s) you will have created (combining business and geographic parameters).

Public procurement is accessible to everyone. But... Preparation is key.

The whole thing is to position yourself there in a clever way based on your size, turnover, references, etc. To get off to a good start as a supplier to public institutions, you will need to be somewhat equipped.

Sure, you want to win. But do you know what your toolbox should contain?

  1. A good no, EXCELLENT presentation of your entity. Make it stand-out.
  2. List of your recent references.
  3. CVs of experts in your field to build trust.
  4. Structured methodologies describing your skills. The institutions do not know you; you have to reassure them.
  5. Knowing your competitors allows you to structure your approach, bring forward your added values, ​​and adjust your prices.
  6. Some key certificates can also be an asset, depending on the country you are in.

Invest in your toolbox, to win tenders?

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