Save a public tender search and receive notifications over email

Creating a search profile

Creating a search profile is an easy way to keep updated on new tenders of your interest. In this blog we'll explain you just how easy it is to make a search profile and where you can find your saved search profiles.

Save a search for public tenders within you area

1. Go to the tender search page

2. Enter a search term or leave it empty if you don't want to specify a search term.

3.Open the location field by clicking on the filters button

4.In the location input field, type in the preferred location. A list of location suggestions will emerge. Click on one of the suggestions. You will see that it starts filtering the tenders on the preferred area location.

5. Click on the save search button The search is now saved to your dashboard. You can find your dashboard in the top right menu, under your email address.

Filter on CPV or NUTS codes

You could also filter on CPV codes and/or NUTS codes.